The garden in front of the accommodation is a wide shared area. There we have a pen with peacocks, hens, cockeral and ducks. Every year wild ducks come back to the river and we welcome them affectionately. The garden area is a great, safe space for children.
Boadella reservoir with the Pyranees in the background

In front of the garden there is the leafy forest, forming part of the river named 'La Muga'. You can walk the forest along the river or have a rest in one of the hammocks there, hanging from one tree to another, an ideal place for a 'Siesta' on warm summer afternoons.

The forest is composed of alders, ash trees, willows and poplars. It frames the scenery next to the river, which flows abundantly, passing by a beautiful little waterfall. From the garden you obtain beautiful views of the mountain range, where the chapel 'Santa Magdalena' can be seen on the top of the rocks.

Without time

On the other side of the garden we've got a little vegetable garden where we plant salad, tomatoes and other vegetables.

The garden space is completly covered by lawn and there are fruit trees, bushes and flowers, like roses and wild violets.

Together they form a beautiful ensemble. Here you can pleasantly enjoy the sun on the comfortable loungers that are availlable for your use.

The garden area

Our gentle cats will welcome you as well as 'Binni', our loving and playful dog.

You will be able to see peacock walking confidently through the garden or sitting on the roofs and plenty of other species of birds passing through this area.

We are looking forwards to playing
with you